Job Description: Stylist + Sample Library Manager 

Meeting Prep + Post Meeting Prep

  • Print out room labels based on floorplan for presentation purposes
  • Carrying our specific research including but not limited to pricing items, connecting with vendors.
  • Ordering samples based on inspiration photos from design and project management team.
  • Following up on meeting minutes, ordering samples, sending client follow up information * Ensuring that all samples sent out to clients are returned to office and put in the appropriate place

Preparation of Presentations, Palettes + Style Boards 

  • Prepare palettes for all projects that are aligned with client inspiration (to include flooring, tiles (tile patterns and details), trim, furniture, fabrics, lighting, drapery) to correspond with proposed budget.
  • Prepare style boards for presentations
  • Prepare palettes on sample table for all client projects
  • Source area rugs, drapery, hardware and all items required for interior of home for each project.

Plumbing Fixtures, Appliances + Hardware

  • Source plumbing fixtures and appliances for all projects based on proposed budget.

Accessorizing + Art Work 

  • Source accessories and art work for all projects
  • Source books for all projects
  • Source bedding for all projects
  • Conduct site visit if needed prior to sourcing accessories to see space and see what is needed.
  • Conduct site visit and end of project and style new accessories as well as clients existing accessories on site at the end of a project
  • Accessories to include, open book shelves, coffee table accessories, books, throw blankets

Vendor Catalogue + Vendor Relations

  • Management of the SCD Vendor Catalogue, SCD Furniture Line + SCD Inspiration, making sure that all of these are regularly updated. (Further develop the catalogue and make any necessary changes).
  • Improve vendor catalogue organization
  • Reach out to vendors regularly rather than waiting for vendors to reach out to us to set up appointments to see new products. During presentation outline to vendor what samples we would like in our library and then ensure all samples are received.
  • Ensure vendor catalogue includes all of our access codes to retail stores for discount purposes.
  • Managing vendor relationships, setting up appointments, meeting with vendors to ensure that we have the most current samples and that all discontinued items are discarded of in the sample library. This task requires a lot of initiative.
  • Visit vendors when necessary to take photos of new products at their show room and then upload in SCD catalogue.
  • Set up new vendor accounts and train the team on how to access them ie. Threadcount new fabric portal (a training session needs to be set up).
  • Sourcing new materials and creating relationships with new vendors to expand SCD library.
  • Research new vendors and materials based on client, design team and project management requests.
  • Take in all new vendor inquiries and assess whether or not we can work with them (we get a ton of vendor reach outs).
  • Booking team showroom visits, communicating with fabric reps + RSVP to events (once applicable).

Samples + Sample Library Management 

  • Responsible for requesting and receiving all project related sample requests.
  • Responsible for maintaining library ensuring it is tidy and organized.
  • Responsible for putting away new samples and cleaning out all discontinued samples.
  • Responsible for ensuring that when samples arrive they are all labelled appropriately with the suppler name, size, species. If samples are not labelled correctly APM to contact vendor and label appropriately.
  • Responsible for having all pricing information available to design and project management team when samples arrives.
  • Responsible for managing project bulletin boards, pinning up approved projects and taking down old projects.
  • Responsible for maintaining sample library organization

Expansion on SCD Inspiration

  • Continue to expand ideas for furniture pieces, millwork styles etc.
  • Create an internal SCD Pinterest with appropriate categories so that the team can easily find inspiration

Sending Samples to Clients 

  • Labelling samples with our custom labels before they go out to clients
  • Print drawings prior to meetings and coordinate with Laura for them to be sent to client
  • Package samples to be sent to client prior to meeting ensure that everything is properly labelled. Prepare boxes with logos, branded wrapping and a note to each client.

Participation in Installation Days + Weeks 

  • Being present at reveal days
  • Organizing client/vendor cards + gifts

Photoshoots + Styling 

  • Prep for all photoshoots, by doing an inventory of items needed for all rooms.
  • Organize flowers for photoshoot
  • Style shots for photoshoot and be present on all shoots.
  • Create video content during photoshoots final install days for social media team.

Photography Photos + Social Media + Website 

  • Coordinating with website dev that new projects are added to website
  • Organizing after shots received from photographer
  • Providing social media team with before, after shots and general information on project for social media purposes
  • Filling out Planoly for social media purposes on all vendor information for each product to be tagged for social media (to be cross referenced with budget).
  • Pitch projects to media based on the SCD contact list discuss with Stacey what media to pitch each project to). Pitching to media includes before shots, after shots, a recap of the project and a suggested story angle for the feature.

Internal Communication 

  • Communicate with your team members effectively
  • Successfully use the SCD tools and planning systems to stay organized throughout a project.
  • Attend weekly team meetings via zoom.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with project manager/coordinator to keep up to date on project progress.
Job Overview

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