Works closely with the Project Manager, the bookkeeping firm, and the Coordinating Group

The Financial Controller establishes and maintains the procedures for finance and accounting within the organization in conjunction with the Project Manager (PM) and the Coordinating Group (CG). They are responsible for planning budgets, executing financial analysis, preparing forecasts and financial reports, and developing financial models to help explain projections for the organization’s financial stability in the months ahead.

They also work with the Project Manager (PM) and Coordinating Group (CG) to optimize the financial and reporting systems and policies in place and develop new ones if required. They ensure that the organization is fully compliant with the Canadian Tax Act as well as other federal and provincial regulations; all within generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Specific operational functions:

  • Collaborate with the Church’s bookkeeping firm to set up new Chart of Accounts and establish operating procedures to produce required financial statements and reports.

  • Code all invoices, reimbursements, direct debit transactions with Income Statement account number(s) plus funding allocations such as grants, before forwarding to bookkeeping firm for data entry and processing.

  • Prepare deposits for any incoming revenue/receipts, code for data entry purposes and forward for processing, noting name of Fund to which credit should be applied as well as Income Statement revenue account. Canada Helps and Church congregants’ donations also to be coded and forwarded for processing.

  • In conjunction with the PM, prepare monthly financial reports for the Steering Committee

  • In conjunction with the PM and Coordinating Group, prepare a budget for the upcoming fiscal year, for review by the Steering Committee and approval by Session.

  • Oversee interim and ‘Project’ end reporting as required for all Grant funding, including invoices/expense copies be included with the report as required and follow-up on reimbursable grants as required.

  • Prepare Donation Receipts for funds requiring a receipt.

  • Prepare appropriate recognition and/or receipts for non-cash goods received by the organization.

  • Review all reports received from bookkeeping firm, including bank reconciliations, before preparing Financial Reports for presentation to PM and CG. Analytical as well as budgeting reporting is a requirement.

  • Year-end is December 31; all reports prepared by bookkeeping firm should be reviewed before filing with Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC), Canada Revenue Agency (T3010) and provincial or municipal governments as required.

Qualities and Strengths

  • Knowledge of and experience in QuickBooks, including revisions to or creating new charts of accounts; annual budgeting; creating informative monthly reports to various committees.

  • Excellent organizational skills.

  • Good time management skills and ability to manage under conditions of stress and uncertainty.

  • Empathy and people skills and the courage to have important conversations with kindness.

  • Comfort in working in a church-based organization in a multifaith and non-faith context.

  • Understanding of food security issues beneficial.

Hours and Pay

This position is defined as a 10 hour a week part-time employee position, at the rate of $30.00 per hour, including four weeks of paid vacation. Statutory deductions taken at source.

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Job Overview

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