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Ever wondered about the incredible opportunities your program of study may lead to? Even if your program leads to a specific job title, such as accountant or counsellor, there are so many other things to consider.

Our Your Career In… resources are a great place to start your exploration.

Your Career in Supply Chain Management
Ever wondered what is involved in getting the products purchased at the store, to the store?
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Your Career in Accounting
Accountants provide tangible value within public, private and non-profit organizations around the world.
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Your Career in Project Management
A Project Manager can initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and control as well as close a project as part of their ongoing responsibilities.
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Your Career in Energy Management
The field is constantly growing and fits in all sectors of society with the ultimate goal of providing energy services as efficiently as possible while supporting the business functions of an organization.
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Your Career in Business Administration
Business Administration is a worldwide recognizable field that offers a variety of opportunities for establishing and growing a successful career.
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Your Career In Leadership and Learning
A globally recognized profession, an educational leader fosters a positive learning culture by identifying and developing the necessary skills to achieve optimum educational objectives.
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Your Career In Adult Education
Adult education supports others in their pursuit and passion for lifelong learning across a wide range of learning outcomes, including adult basic education, skills training, professional development, language learning, technology training, and continuing and higher education.
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Your Career In Educational Administration
Education administrators have a passion for education and are typically employed in a variety of formal educational settings including elementary schools, middle schools, junior high schools, preschools, and nursery centres.
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Your Career In The Creative Arts
Artists express ideas wrapped in emotions. They observe the world and create works that reflect the cultures of our time.
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Your Career In Interior Design
Interior Design is a multifaceted profession. An accredited Interior Design education allows degreed professionals to create an environment that promotes well-being, is safe and functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing.
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Your Career in Counselling and Psychotherapy
This webpage contains terms and definitions approved by the American Psychological Association (APA), the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA)
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