2 Practicum Spaces Available – September 2023

I am happy to say that I am currently looking for two graduate students to fill practicum roles starting
in September 2023.

Opened in March of 2019, Health & Happiness: Counselling and Wellness is located in Vaughan,
Ontario and focuses on helping youth deal with the challenges associated with life in 2023.
In addition, a core focus of the clinic is to help people diagnosed with ADHD, Autism Spectrum
Disorder, and other developmental conditions to find their best path forward. Social anxiety, online
addiction, low school motivation, and other challenges are common in the patients that come for

A major renovation is underway to be completed by the end of March which is adding 5 new treatment
rooms to the existing site. Each brand new room will have a wall-mounted HD TV, whiteboard, and
appropriate furniture. This is the start of the clinic phase of Health & Happiness: Counselling and
Wellness, and is your chance to make a meaningful impact.

What you will get from the placement:
• Supervision at no cost from a Registered Psychotherapist who meets the CRPO supervision
• Private practice experience (clinical & business side)
• Casual dress code
• Clinical experience with the challenges that young people are dealing with today
• Training on a realistic approach to therapy and how to apply different modalities as needed
• Real world writing experience by creating blog articles for the Clinic’s website
• Possibly a role as an associate upon graduation

What you will offer to the Clinic:
• A real passion for helping younger people
• Experience working with ages 10-18 (does not have to be clinical)
• Experience and/or interest in ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Comfort in asking for help and identifying areas for your professional development
• Comfort in offering suggestions for change
• Willingness to be onsite and not online
• Availability during after school/early evening hours and possibly Sundays
• Internal drive and motivation

400 Bradwick Drive, Suite B1 Email: [email protected] Page 2 of 2
Vaughan, ON, L4K 5V9 Website: www.hhcw.ca
TEL: (416) 613 – 1259

Please note:
To get an interview your application needs to be more than the standard template used by students
Please keep in mind that potential sites get a lot of applications and they all tend to look the same. I am
looking to interview people who have taken the time to understand my practice and demonstrate that
they want to work with younger people. If you don’t have a real passion to work with youth, then my
clinic will not meet your needs.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]
Note that a successful VSS will be required for this placement and will be a condition of employment.
A letter confirming your status as a volunteer student will be provided to allow this to be done at a
lower cost by most police forces

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