Meet the Team

Akshay Arora (he/him)

Career Services Advisor,
Yorkville University

Hello everyone, my name is Akshay Arora and I work as a Career Services Advisor at Yorkville University.

With over a year and a half of experience leading the Work Integrated Learning and Career Development department at a Canadian post-secondary institution, I have cultivated expertise in empowering students from diverse backgrounds to effectively navigate the job market. My focus has been on helping them identify and overcome employment barriers, develop essential skills, and secure positions within their chosen fields.

Guiding international students of various nationalities regarding the job search strategies, job applications; resume & cover letters, and interview skills through 1:1 sessions and workshops has been a rewarding journey. My vision is to empower international students to secure employment in the Canadian job market by supporting and remedying their fears by sharing coaching strategies.

In my personal life, I’m a passionate cricketer, a psychology enthusiast, and a lover of life-related literature, which further fuels my commitment to understanding the human psyche.

Together, we will guide you, the students of Yorkville University, through the realms of employment, cover letters, and interviews, all with the goal of empowerment and achievement.

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