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Cover Letters for MACP Practicum Placements

When MACP students are seeking practicum placements, their cover letters must follow many of the same “rules” as any other cover letter. As in, students must take the time to prepare a personalized, targeted letter using a proper business format that ends with a call to action. Read more here.

Feedback from past practicum sites has indicated that students are not taking the time to truly target their letters in a way that demonstrates a clear understanding of what the practicum site does. Too often, it seems clear that students had not researched the site’s clientele, modalities used/practiced, hours of operation, or any other information that would demonstrate the student understood the practicum site’s operation and their potential ability to provide a meaningful experience that connects to the student’s longer-term goals. This information is best placed in the first paragraph.

It is also very important that cover letters outline the accurate requirements for your practicum, including the total hours needed, across what timeline, and the school’s expectations related to site supervisor credentials and any forms/reports or meetings that may be required. This information is best shared in the second paragraph.

In a third paragraph, take the time to outline how your previous experience, transferable skills, or course work complements what the practicum site does. Show the practicum site how you would be an asset to the work they are doing.

A sample cover letter follows.

Cover Letter Sample

Alex Evans
35 Country Lane
Fredericton NB E5S 2V2
(506) 123-4567 (Home)
(506) 234-5678 (Cell)
Email: [email protected]

Enrichment Counselling Services
222 Brunswick Street
Fredericton, NB E5G 2P3

April 20, 2020

Dear Ms. Jonas,

I was intrigued when I read about your organization. I believe you offer a great opportunity to learn about the field of counselling and I am particularly interested in practicing the modalities you list on your website. I see you primarily use CBT and solution-focused therapies. As a student in the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology program at Yorkville University, I am required to complete a practicum in a site that offers general mental health counselling in order to complete my studies and receive my MA degree. I look forward to entering the counselling profession and I am aware that a rich practicum experience will prepare me for this move. Your organization could offer such an experience.

Yorkville requires me to obtain 400 hours in a two-trimester (approximately seven and a half months) time period. Of these 400 hours, half must be direct client contact with a minimum of 120 hours in individual mental health counselling. I am required to have a supervisor with a master’s degree (or higher) in a counselling-related discipline who has a minimum of one-year, post-graduate, supervised experience and who is registered with the provincial Regulatory College. The supervisor must also be available to meet with me for one hour per week on an individual basis and be willing to observe and oversee my practicum.

 I have been volunteering on a crisis line for the past six months, so I am hoping this experience will be helpful in practicum. I am really interested in working with teenagers and I see you have special programs for them, so I would love be part of this as well. It would be a great learning experience. I not only meet the requirements of the position, but additionally bring excellent communication, relationship building and leadership experience.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing my application. I look forward to learning about the next steps in the selection process and assure you that my enthusiasm and core belief in people would be a valuable asset to your team.

Alex Evans

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