Creating a work-life Balance through Self-Care Strategies

Creating a work-life Balance through Self-Care Strategies

Employability Coach: Amanda Lecce, Career Services

A typical workday consists of 7-8 hours. Whether it’s sitting at a desk, serving others, or doing manual labour, the hours spent at our jobs can be draining on both our physical and mental health. Thus, people working full-time are aiming to add self-care to do their daily schedule now more than ever.

Work-life balance means establishing boundaries between your work duties and your personal life. It means not leaving the office to head home and then open your computer and hop on work emails again. According to experts, it’s essential for workers to include self-care practices in their routines that allow the mind and body to rest.

To truly create a work-life balance, it is recommended to completely disconnect from your job when not at work and spend time nurturing your personal life. Each person has their own definition of self-care and work-life balance, and that’s okay. What might be extremely effective for you might have an entirely different effect on someone else. However, adhering to routines that fit into your lifestyle is the best method to improve your mental health. Below are some different strategies to improve your work-life balance:

Once your shift is over, it’s critical to respect your personal time and take care of your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing in order to prevent long-term effects such as,  stress, burnout, body aches, and more. Recognize that life is about more than simply work and that your needs and feelings are real and valid.

Remember that old habits die hard, and nothing can be changed in a single day! Instead of making a plan to completely change your life, you may want to start by taking modest steps in a healthier direction. If you act consistently, it is entirely possible to improve your work-life balance significantly.

If you require additional support in achieving a healthy work-life balance, and want to seek advice, reach out to our Career Services Team!

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