Why You Should Always Follow-Up with Employers 

Why You Should Always Follow-Up with Employers 

It can be very frustrating to spend hours tailoring your resume or crafting that perfect email to a potential employer only to be met with…crickets. No answer at all. What to do? Don’t give up hope – showcase your enthusiasm, initiative and keenness in the company or the opportunity by following up 

Following up After Email Outreach 

Cold emailing is a great strategy to uncover potential internships, volunteer opportunities or to build your network through informational interviews. If you have reached out with an email and have not heard back, don’t despair. People get busy and often a reminder email is a welcome nudge. After 7-10 days, send a polite and concise follow-up message. It’s key to be gracious, acknowledge how busy the other person may be and make it as easy as possible for them to respond to your query. 


Re: Yorkville Interior Design Student: Summer Internship Query 

Dear Minh, 

I was hoping to follow up on my email from last week inquiring if you may have any upcoming paid internships with XYZ company. I am a big admirer of the company’s recent projects in the healthcare sector and would love the opportunity to discuss how I could be an asset to your team this summer.  

I understand how busy you must be so I’d be happy to suggest a few times over the coming weeks to connect over Zoom/Teams or I can circle back later this month if that’s better timing? In the meantime, I am reattaching my resume and portfolio link for your consideration.  

Thank you for your time, 


Following up After Applying to a Job 

Found an amazing job opportunity? After you send in your application, why not contact the hiring manager over LinkedIn with a brief message reaffirming your interest and highlighting your most relevant skills and experience? The intention is that this message spurs them on to fish your application out of the pile for a longer look. If you have any points of connection with the company or role (especially if you were referred to the role by a shared contact) don’t forget to mention it!  


Dear Ms. Moss, 

As a long admirer of 123 Organization’s mission to support newcomer businesses, I was delighted to see the recent opening for the Executive Assistant position. As a recent graduate of Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Business Administration program and with previous volunteer experience in coordination roles, I believe I have the organizational and communication skills needed to thrive in this role.  

I have submitted my application via the online portal for review and look forward to hearing from you shortly. I would love the opportunity to discuss how I could add value to 123’s values and upcoming projects.  



Following Up After an Interview 

A thank you email after a virtual or in-person interview should be a mandatory element of your job search strategy. Within 2- 24 hours, send a brief email thanking each person who facilitated your interview. This is key to conveying your interest in the position as well as demonstrating your professionalism.   


Dear Malawi, 

Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview with you this morning, it was great to hear more about the projects coming down the pipeline at ABC Company this year. I remain very interested in this opportunity and believe that my skills and education would be a great match for the role. I also wanted to share the link to the Leadership book [link here] that we discussed during our time today. I hope you find it as fascinating as I have!  

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, 

Thank you again, Avi 

It can be intimidating to send outreach emails, but you are not bothering or inconveniencing anyone with a brief, gracious email. Remember that follow-ups are part of a proactive job search strategy; demonstrating that you are dedicated, take initiative, and have enthusiasm for the opportunity on offer. Go get ‘em! 

By Emma Hartley, Alumni Liaison Specialist, Career Services  

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