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Setting students up for career success. It is never too early to start exploring the career opportunities a Yorkville University degree prepares you for, setting short and long term professional goals, and preparing to manage your career well into the future.

Welcome to Career Services at Yorkville University​

Our team comprises experienced Career Advisors, many with a long history of offering career services and supports to a wide range of individuals across a wide range of industries. We are deeply committed to helping students explore the incredible career opportunities their degrees are preparing them for, whether this is a first professional career, a career change, or career advancement. There are a wide range of services and supports available.

We encourage you to look around this Portal and please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Career Planning Services

Career Services Blog

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Exploring Career Options

Learning about yourself and setting a clear career goal.
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Preparing for Work

Writing resumes, developing portfolios, and acing the interview.
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Finding Work

Exploring the labour market, networking, and managing social media.
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Managing Your Career

Engaging in lifelong learning and growing your career well into the future.
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